Wednesday, June 6, 2012

An Old Dog Can Learn New Tricks!

It's amazing to me how when you put your mind to something nothing can get in the way.  I have made a promise to myself that when I started this photography business I wouldn't let anything stop me.  I have proved that time in and time out.  When there is something that could pose as a detour or barrier I just push through it and figure it out.  Here recently I have had people about pricing, something that I have yet to figure out! I know, that's probably something I should figure out before opening the doors :)  But honestly i didn't think things would fly so fast. So I have been applying a saying my grandmother taught me "Fake it, until you Make it."  I am learning day by day new things about business, photography and most importantly myself.  I am good under pressure and I am great with people.  There will be nothing to stop me!

An example of something I wanted to learn:  I have seen on facebook and various websites photographers are doing picture collages that look so cool.  I thought to myself I want to do that!  So I got on my computer and with a little elbow grease and determination I found out how they were doing these collages!
My babies!

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